Join The Fun Squad!

League athletes have always participated at their local shooting range to compete weekly in their own state high school clay target league’s spring season, but how fun would it be if you could shoot with a squad made up of other student athletes throughout America? Now you can!

Starting in the Spring 2018 Season, students will have a fun new way to meet and compete with students across the nation: The USAHSCTL Fun Squad™!

The Fun Squad™ provides a friendly competition venue whereas all student athletes have the opportunity to participate on a squad in a national trap shooting “virtual” competition. Here’s how it works:

  1. Athletes join the Fun Squad competition during their spring season registration. (Students that didn’t sign up during registration can change their participation choice through their coach before the start of Reserve Week!)
  2. For each week of competition, athletes will be randomly assigned to a different Fun Squad of five student athletes. Your Fun Squad members will be randomly selected from any of the state high school clay target leagues throughout the country! Fun Squads are assigned during Reserve Week after rosters are finalized. 
  3. Weekly League competition scores from the Fun Squad will be tallied and used to calculate Fun Squad score and rankings.

Each member of the weekly top five Fun Squad teams will receive a Fun Squad ‘Hot Shot’ pin to adhere to their gear!

Fun Squad team scores (not individual scores) will be posted online at , so athletes can search for their name and see how their Fun Squad did each week. It’s easy, fun, and a great way to “squad up” with other student athletes nationwide that love trap shooting as much as you do.

The first USAHSCTL Fun Squad results will be posted in April at the completion of League Competition Week 1!

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